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We climb mountains everyday.

If you need the best guide up the face and down the fall line of your book,

we know the terrain. 

Welcome to Rugged Land Media.

Rugged Land Media is a New York book editor and book publisher offering editing and writing services, cover design, author sites and pages, publicity, and marketing.


Editing & Writing

Rugged Land edits and writes all manner of content.

Editing: includes reading that material closely.

After that, we deliver a memo to you (called an “editorial letter” in  publishing parlance) which breaks down the problems and issues throughout the material. After you take another pass at the manuscript, we go through the process again. This usually entails some phone calls and emails back and forth.

At the third draft we read through the material and simply “polish” it with “track changes” which you’re welcome to accept or not.

Working with us this way is like a master class in writing.

Writing: an entire book, part of a book, book proposals, or other material:

  • Books
  • Nonfiction and Fiction
  • Book Proposals
  • Traditional Publishing
  • Self-Publishing
  • Film Scripts
  • Website Content (as well as design and development)
  • Speeches


We design book jackets and interiors. We also design websites, whether for authors or other companies and products.

Our award-winning designers work for all the major publishers and for various companies.

For book production, we use printers in the U.S. and China.



Rugged Land creates and manages publicity and marketing campaigns for traditional and self-published books.



For select authors, Rugged Land represents and/or packages books to traditional publishers. We have sold titles to all the major publishers.



Our pricing is professional but competitive.


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