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“Web Stone has been a friend and criminal associate for some time. He had the good taste to be one of the first people in the universe to find me not entirely without prospects.” - Read more -

“Over time, he has involved me in any number of crackpot hare-brained schemes — usually involving bent cops, disgraced ex-intelligence officers, people with funny accents, special forces muscle-heads (the type of people who are apparently ALWAYS calling Web up in the middle of the night and heavy breathing over the phone) and a seemingly endless procession of Harvard pencil-necks.”

“But he dresses well and is always hanging around with really cute chicks. Everything we ever did together was an entertaining, flattering, fun — and ultimately futile exercise in alcoholic excess. I hope this publishing scam works out for Web. The cocksucker owes me big time.” – Anthony Bourdain

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Vice cop, Eddie Fuentes, just got bounced from the Oakland PD, not an easy thing to do. For an encore, he's headed home to Redwood County to clean up some affairs for his dope grower dad, who just went off a bridge. The "affairs" start with a very sexy redhead by the name of Shanna Black. Shanna's a drug lawyer in the cross-hairs of a DEA investigation. - Read more -

She thinks Eddie could be part of her exit strategy, if she can get him to sell a piece of land to a Wall Street tycoon looking to clearcut a stand of old growth redwood … without tipping off a major dope grower client who doesn’t like building roads. But before he can deal with that, Eddie’s got some problems of his own, like a professional killer with a dead brother and an unforgiving mom.

And, oh yeah, Eddie’s pool hustler pal, a Mynot Indian, working on a little tribal development project called the Redwood Casino.

Stir all this with a U.S. Attorney dying to improve her Wikipedia page, and what do you get? It could be the biggest asset seizure in U.S. drug enforcement history–but who’s seizing what from whom?

Lethal loggers, crooked cops, corporate connivers, adaptable environmentalists, the original Dr. Feelgood, and a Native American master of “media optics”– they all face off in Redwood County, where the biggest industry is definitely — SMOKE!







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Publication Date: 06/14/2016



Webster Stone, executive editor - Read more -

Apart from his work in publishing, Stone has produced and written for the film studios (WGA-E) and has written for The New York Times Magazine.  He is also a film producer.

Jack Pickering, Editor - Read more -

Jack served as Managing Editor of The Broadsheet in New York. 
He studied classics at St. John’s College in New Mexico and history and linguistics at the University of Virginia.

Tim Hsu, Creative Director - Read more -

Tim leads Hsu and Associates, an award-winning media design company.

From Hong Kong, he is a tea master and cigar connoisseur.

Zoe Feigenbaum, Publicity Director - Read more -

Zoe has put Rugged Land titles on the front page of The New York Times, on The Daily Show, on The Today Show, and numerous other legacy and new media outlets.

She toured the country with Joe Namath, among other authors.

She is also a chef who was featured on Chopped and Chef Academy.


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